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Feel like joining us and our guests to have a mighty good time? Are you in the mood for some decent food? Do you plan to throw a party? Are you organizing a get-together with your collegues? Wanna watch a game in good company on one of our twelve tv-screens? Whatever you want, whenever you want: come on over! We have plenty of space for you. And we are open till late.

watch all major sports matches on 12 screens

(sometimes we take requests)

You will find us in the center of Utrecht, right between the Dom Tower and Janskerkhof Show on map

Get a room
For free.

Want to throw a private party? Business or pleasure? With or without furniture. Our pub has two private side rooms (10-25 and 40-80 guests) and a cosy lounge area (15 guests) that you can use for your party. At no cost. Unless you think big and want to have the entire pub to yourself (100-300 persons). How about food or snacks and drinks for your guests? Just tell us your plans and we will cater to your needs.

  • multiple rooms, free of charge
  • for parties from 10 to 400 persons
  • multiple tv-screens, customisable
  • food, snacks and drinks as you wish

10-15 guests

10-25 guests

40-80 guests

100-300 guests

want to discuss your options? Contact us

for a drink

Love going there, the staff is always very friendly and I really enjoy all of the special beers. I do wish they served more Irish food.
Liedewij van der Kooij
Liedewij van der Kooij
13:25 30 May 19
Amazing place to have some drinks and have a great laugh. Easily accessible by bike or public transportation (bus). Always full of international crowds, which is really cheerful.
Bastiaan Vroege
Bastiaan Vroege
13:54 19 May 19
Lovely Irish pub with a good selection, but it's also almost always completely packed, due to its proximity to all the major landmarks in the Utrecht city center.
01:05 05 May 19
Good vibe and great service, expensive drinks though
J. d.H.
J. d.H.
08:20 03 May 19
I don't know if the beer was spiked, but your mother only had a few sips before she started touching me inapropriately.
tisseen schande
tisseen schande
09:43 21 Apr 19
Always an amazing time at Mick O'Connells especially during a good football match! The burgers are amazing aswell!
tom wesselman
tom wesselman
13:25 17 Apr 19
Authentic casual Irish pub great for a good night with friends. Nice as an international to hear English spoken around you! Not sure if I would recommend the pub quiz for the younger generation though - questions were outdated
Madi Ainsworth
Madi Ainsworth
06:00 06 Mar 19
Very nice traditional Irish pub with a range of Irish drinks that are normally relatively hard to find in Holland, alongside a bunch of Dutch and Belgian classics. The staff, which is part Dutch and part Irish, are very friendly and helpful and are always in the mood for a good talk. Definitely go in for a pint when you are in the area.
Colin Klijmij
Colin Klijmij
12:30 05 Mar 19
I mean it had an amazing general mood there. The staff is friendly. I don't feel like there's any bad there so no reason to give less than 5/5
Sora ,Blank'
Sora ,Blank'
10:01 12 Feb 19
Great atmosphere and service is very good and friendly. Food is very good and served quickly
Stephen Riley
Stephen Riley
06:45 05 Feb 19
Great staff. Good food and drinks. Quite busy at night.
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy
13:36 31 Jan 19
Great place to chill out with friends and grab a drink, also a great place to drink during a night out. Can be very full during rugby games, but it adds to the fun of watching it with a crowd.
Leon Grundmann
Leon Grundmann
22:15 28 Jan 19
The food was great, the staff was great, the drinks where great. It should come as no surprise we had a great evening here!
Stan Snijder
Stan Snijder
10:29 16 Jan 19

Around the time of Jesus, Horace said:”Water drinkers never wrote good verses”. On the other hand: whiskey drinkers aren’t the best drivers... So to each their own. We have water. We have a great selection of whiskeys. And we have everything in between. We’re open till late. Every day. So join us and our guests and have a great time!

Every Monday night (except during major sports events) from 2100 till 2300 – Max. 7 persons per team – 2,50 euro per person

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dinner &

Come in for a bite at Mick’s at any time! No need to make a reservation, unless you’re with four or more persons. We serve classical Fish & Chips, shepherd’s pie, grilled chicken on the bone, fantastic burgers... and much, much more. Fancy a snack with your drink? Just ask. And yes: every Saturday and Sunday we serve a traditional Full Irish Breakfast, from noon till four.

all Major
sports Matches

Why watch a game at home, when you can cheer with your fellow enthousiasts at our pub? We show all major sports matches on twelve big screens. Another reason: our fridges probably are better stocked than yours... We sometimes take requests if your game not listed. We can’t always comply, but just ask. It can get busy during big events, so be well on time!